Everything is going Harry Styles' way.

He's already a powerhouse singer, both of the boy band and solo variety, has added movie star to his resume and, now, the multi-hyphenate adds another role to his CV: by getting to host The Tonight Show.

Well, that last one is only sorta, kinda true in a stretch-the-facts type of way.

Styles appeared on the NBC program last night, and was asked by host Jimmy Fallon to make a wish into a jade bottle given to him by Stevie Nicks.

Styles went along with the gimmick, and while we don't want to give anything away, we can tell you the Dunkirk star wound up behind the desk, adding yet another feat to his growing list of accomplishments.

Styles also talked about Dunkirk, saying it was an emotional experience. Take a look at him discussing the film below.

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