The Toronto Zoo has a new baby polar bear, and now that he's old enough to be viewed by the public, they've decided that he's old enough for a name, and they want the public to help decide what that name will be.

We've seen this little guy before - first when he took his first steps, and then when he took his first bath. He's adorable, and while I would love to name him Mr. Snuggleface, that's not one of the options the zoo is offering up. 

Here's the shortlist of potential names for this adorable little guy:

Humphrey: It means Peaceful Warrior. The name was derived from the Germanic elements hun, which means bear cub, and frid, which means peace.

Orson: Latin for bear.

James: In honor of James Bay. Another cub was named Hudson after Hudson's Bay and is this cub's brother.

Lorek: Comes from the movie Golden Compass. Lorek comes from the word laurel, which is a symbol of victory.

Searik: Inuit for beautiful.

Stirling: Means genuine, high quality, and pure.

Go here to vote for your favorite.