During this challenging time we should all do our part to help those that are hit the hardest with current COVID-19 crisis.

Many businesses are still currently open, but there are others that are completely closing while many have to cut back on staffing. So, let's help these people during these incredibly tough times.

If you have a favorite server, bartender, hair-stylist, barber, musician, tattoo artist or someone else that survives on tips, show them your support and appreciation by leaving them a virtual tip.

Just look through the list below and find your favorite, then tip them with the information that they've provided.

If you don't already have PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp apps on your mobile device, go ahead and download them now to make it easier to tip your friends.

Want to get your name added to the list? Just fill out this form and you'll be automatically added.

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