This week, Steve shares why you should always take help where you can get it, how to use snacks to calm your baby, and he talks about the slippery slope of rewarding your children.

  1. This week’s first Daddy Tip is to always take help where you can get it. Over the last couple of months we’ve had a lot of help with our kids because my wife was out of work recovering from surgery for 4 weeks. First we had Britt’s Aunt Kristy coming to help, then my parents, and then my brother Michael. And now starting this week, we finally have our kids back in day care. We’ve been extremely grateful for everyone’s help and realized that raising kids is much easier to do when you have help. So, if you have the opportunity to get help, take it. Every parent deserves a break, and you should definitely take one when it’s available.
  2. The next Daddy Tip is a quick tip how to keep a fussy baby busy so you can have time to do work around the house. My youngest daughter, Izzy, hates sitting in her high chair for more than a few minutes even if you give her a bunch of toys to play with. But, we’ve learned that one thing that will always keep her busy is snack foods. You put a pile of baby puffs in front of her and she is happy as can be eating on her own. Or, cut up some small bits of banana and you got at least 15 minutes while she makes a mess trying to eat on her own. Sure, you have to clean up afterward, but at least you can calm down that fussy baby for a short period of time.
  3. And the final Daddy Tip this week is to not get your kid used to getting a toy when you go to the store. When Charlotte was younger we made the mistake of buying her a small toy like a hot wheels car if she was good at the store. Well, now she expects it every time we go. And the fact that kids meals from fast food places usually come with a toy too, now she thinks that almost every time we leave the house to do something, Charlotte expects a toy. No, Charlotte, you don’t get a toy at the car wash. So, be careful with giving your kids rewards, because they might start to expect them when they really don’t deserve them.

And now it’s time for an awesome Dad Joke!

Q: What do you call two guys hanging from a window?
A: Kurt and Rod

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