Take a quick trip around Ebay and you will see your toys are worth some serious cash!

BuzzFeed did the hard work for us, but who would have thought some of this stuff would be worth so much.

For example:

  • The asking price for your Ninja Turtles action figure is close to $900!
  • Someone is asking $20,000 for their Hot Wheels Collection
  • How about that Sega Genesis? Almost $2,000
  • Remember Surge? Someone is selling a can for close to $50
  • I always wanted a 'Talkboy,' you can own one for close to $400
  • Got a Skip-it? There's 5 available for $120
  • We all had a Lite Brite, but we didn't pay $200 for it

I'm slightly sick to my stomach because I went through a minimalist stage when I moved from Toledo to Boise and gave my mom permission to sell all my toys at a garage sale. She gave my HUGE collection of Ninja Turtles to my cousin.

I want those back.

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