There is a reason why we call dogs 'man's best friend'. They're fiercely loyal, always down for some pets, and in some cases they can alert you to something that could save your life.

And let's be honest- it might be easy to ignore your dog's barking if they like to do it a lot. Maybe they want to greet everything that passes your home, but sometimes that bark could be what saves your life.

Sandra Kemppainen, ThinkStock
Sandra Kemppainen

That's exactly what happened for a family in Holland when on Friday July 27th, their dog Dixie started to bark while in the kitchen.

Some of us would have told Dixie to be quiet or to knock it down, but thankfully Dixie's owner (who wishes to stay anonymous) decided to investigate the cause of the pooch's cries, only to discover every homeowner's worst nightmare: a fire.

close-up of flames from a fire rising

When the homeowner opened their door, they noticed their porch was fully engulfed in flames.

Thankfully, thanks to Dixie's timely warning they were able to get everyone inside the home outside and safe, before they went back to put the flames out with a hose.


According to a report, Holland Fire Captain Chris Tinney said the home's damage was thankfully limited to the exterior of the home’s rear, and that the family would be able to continue occupying the house without issue.

And if that doesn't sell you enough, my own dog Tulip did the same thing last year when my husband's old apartment caught fire in the middle of the night and no fire alarms went off to warn us of the impending danger.

So, next time your dog is going wild about something outside, it might be a squirrel, but it could be a warning that saves your life. Hear them out, it's worth checking.

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