The wedding at a wigwam built illegally in Holland State Park has been canceled.

The state told groom Jared McMillan that he has until July 1 to tear down the 30 foot tall wigwam.  They are denying his request to delay the deadline until after his August wedding.

The wigwam was inspired by a fort McMillan says he and some other boys built and played inside nearly 10 years ago.

The DNR has already fined McMillan for cutting down trees in the state park to fortify the wigwam.

McMillan says he can't get married at the wigwam before the July 1 deadline because his fiancee is a camp counselor and has no time off until August.  His brother is also in the Air Force and can't come home until August.

McMillan says they'll probably plan a more traditional wedding, but that will take months to organize and probably won't happen until next year.

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