During the summer of 2015 a video went viral of a homeless man playing Styx's "Come Sail Away" on a piano in Sarasota, Florida.  Donald Gould is a classically trained pianist who had traveled the world playing music before the age of 21.  Donald had a son that he had to give up for adoption at the age of 3 because he was unfit to raise a child at the time.  After Donald's early musical career had ended he began to abuse drugs and alcohol, which resulted in the State putting his son up for adoption.

After over a dozen years of not speaking with his son, Donald's viral video brought him one step closer to being in his 18-year-old boy's life.  WOOD TV8 saw the original story on their Florida affiliate station and reached out to put the father and son in contact with one another via Facetime.

Now almost a year after Donald was found on the streets of Sarasota, his life has had a dramatic change for the better.  Donald attended rehab for several months and is still going to regular AA meetings to stay sober.  Since he blew up on social media, he has also being doing some pretty big things.  He played in front of an audience of 75,000 people at the opening game of the San Francisco 49ers and is now working on an album that will be out soon.

We don't know what the status is between him and his son, but assuming that he truly is clean and sober, there is a good chance that he will have some sort of relationship moving forward.

To stay up to date with Donald Gould, you can check out his Facebook page and even send him a message!