Okay I am CLEARLY late to the party on this one, but I brought it up on Monday's show so now I have to submit this to our online show and tell.

I made the joke on Monday that we need to hear a Sam Smith and Adele duet, though it would probably make the world cry, even inanimate object. Note for the future, if you see the blue bridge shedding tears that means Sam Smith and Adele merged their music.

Anyway, shortly after I closed the mic I got on YouTube to find some Sam Smith duets, I had no clue he did this one with Mary J. Blige. To make me even more ignorant, I had no idea they performed this at the Grammys (I blame the Walking Dead for my lack of knowledge).

Anyway, here's the full video based on the clip I played on 95.7. Enjoy, sing along, and be prepared to wipe your tears away.