I'm one of those people that make faces when asked if I want to have children. Oops. I don't mean too. I don't hate kids... I'm just not ready. And they seem like a lot of work.  As if I wasn't already adverse to having kids, new statistics give me more of a reason to be not so into it-- kids are freakin' expensive!

Each year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture issues new stats on the cost of raising a child from birth to age 18. The latest report says the average cost is $226,920 -- up 40%, or roughly $60,0000, from a decade ago CNNMoney reports.

And that's pretty much just the basics! Food, clothing, shelter-- not including college.

Wow. Definitely makes me appreciate my parents. 3 kids?! How in the world did they do it?

Want to know how much your kids cost? Get a more personalized view with the USDA's  cost of raising a child calculator.

For some tips on saving money when you're raising kids, check out this video from the TODAY show.