Our very own Bronner's Christmas Wonderland, right here in Mid-Michigan, is known throughout the country for being the biggest Christmas store, anywhere.

Snowbirds have even reported billboards spotted as far south as Florida along I-75.

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Bronner's is so much more than just lights, of course. They sell all things for the holidays.

But we have questions about the lights...and light bill.

How many lights are outside of Bronner's?

Every night from dusk to dawn, around 100,000 lights shine on the outside of the Bronner's property.

That's a LOT of lights considering their drive is only about 1/2 mile long.

How many nativities does Bronner's have mixed in with their lights?

  • They sell over 250 types of nativities.
  • If you want to simply view nativities... they have 570 from 65 nations on display in their program center.
  • Fun Fact: Each decorated tree features one nativity ornament.
Bronner's Snowy Sign
Photo Credit: Bronner's Christmas Wonderland. Entrance Sign (No Changes Made)

So, how much is Bronner's Electric Bill?

Let's consider all of the lights inside in addition to all of those outside:

  • All the lights for your trees at home (indoors or outdoors).
  • Municipal or commercial (giant outdoor sets) stuff that hangs on street poles and buildings.
  • Hundreds of decorated trees
  • Window decorations
  • Lighted figures
  • and heating & cooling the building.
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Bronner's average electric bill is...

  • $1,250 per day.
  • That's around $37,500 per month.
  • Approximately $450,000 per year.
Bronner's Nighttime Nativity
Photo Credit: Bronner's Christmas Wonderland (No Changes Made)

When is the best time to go to Bronner's?

Bronner's Christmas Wonderland only closes four days each year. That means almost anytime is the right time to visit.

  • Over 50,000 people visit during the weekend following Thanksgiving alone -- that's their busiest.
  • Every year over 2,000,000 people stop in.
  • Over 700 people are employed by Bronner's.
  • (See more details & trivia here.)
Kids Shopping at Bronners
Photo Credit: Bronner's Christmas Wonderland (No Changes Made)

Who owns and operates Bronner's now?

Following the passing of Wally Bronner in 2008, his wife Irene Bronner managed the operation with six other relatives.

Then, after Irene Bronner's passing October 16th, 2022, those other six relatives have continued to run the family business.

Don't worry, Bronner's has plenty of parking with over 1,000 spaces.

Bring your walking shoes, too. It's a big, beautiful place to explore.

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