CFP: Community Family Partnership can help you figure out how!

The Community Family Partnership is trying to help brighten some families holiday by checking off some necessities and presents of the list.

Community Family Partnership helps families work with organizations that increase access to behavioral health services and supports. This means children under the age of 18 with serious emotional disturbances and trauma.

You can help buy giving some of these items to CFP at 790 Fuller Avenue NE, Grand Rapids MI 49503 and it's tax deductible.


Food & Kitchen Supplies

Whether it’s adults or youth gathering for a meeting, training, or activity, it’s better with food!

-chips    -granola bars      - bottled water   - trail mix     - fruit    -soda pop  -cups cookies

- juice   -donuts  - bags of popcorn for our popcorn popper

-coffee -crackers   -candy  - muffins - plates -silverware -napkins

Arts & Crafts Supplies (for ages 3-17)

Our youth love to stay busy and create new projects.

-craft kits              -markers              - paint                    - gluesticks           - paper

-scissors                                -glitter                  - tissue paper       -string

-balloons (regular and to make animals)               - stickers                               - beads

Child Care Room Supplies (for ages 0-10)

While older sibs and parents are learning, our younger kiddos need a safe, fun place to play w/ our staff.

-toys                     -  board games     - puppets               -board books

-Duplo/Lego sets             -  puzzles                - coloring books

-crayons      - stuffed animals    -cars/trucks     - bean bag -seats        -blocks

-CD player           - children’s CDs   -DVD player       -  DVD movies       -dress up

-clothes              - dolls

Resource Library Supplies (for all ages)

“Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” – Kofi Annan

-Books                   - DVDs/videos    - audio books      - 3 ring binders    -training

-manuals             - pens


Thank you for your support!