West Michigan may soon have another draw for tourists.  Hudsonville is considering building a $15.9 million Dr. Seuss-themed sculpture park and children's learning center.

But if they build it, who would go?  Would they go in the snow?  In a row?  Do you know?  If they build it, who would go?

Early estimates say the park could draw around 80,000 people a year, including thousands of children on school field trips.

Mlive reports:

To nurture a pool of creative workers, Hudsonville aspires to build “a place created in the spirit of Dr. Seuss.” The concept includes a 17,875-square-foot, $5.8 million learning center with eight exhibit areas, two classrooms, and gift and snack shops. A 7,500-square-foot, $4.9 million outdoor park would feature nine bronze sculptures of Seuss characters, including the Cat in the Hat, The Grinch and The Lorax.

Some of those sculptures, produced by Chicago-based The Art of Dr. Seuss, were part of a three-week exhibit at City Hall last year.

The addition of some undisclosed features could push the price range to $18 million, city officials said.

Some city correspondence suggests donors have pledged $2 million so far.

A draft of the city’s new strategic plan pegs the Seuss site as a triangular swath of land between Chicago Drive, 32nd Avenue and Prospect Street. The Downtown Development Authority owns several parcels in that area.

Not all are in favor of the park.  Some worry about the cost to the taxpayer.

It is expected that we will hear more from Hudsonville about the possible park soon.

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