Country superstar Hunter Hayes, who is all of 22 and so talented that it makes our heads spin in a 360-degree rotation, debuted the new song 'Invisible' at the 2014 Grammys (Jan. 26).

It was truly a "wow" moment, and positioned the singer as the male Taylor Swift in that he has the talent to cross over to the pop mainstream.

The singer, who has blown up in the past year, brought it with the power ballad. When host LL Cool J introduced Hayes, he prefaced the song, telling all the young boys and girls out there to pay attention, since the lyrics are of critical importance to the youth of today who may think that their struggles and their lives are not truly "seen" through or by the eyes of others.

While Hayes performed, words flashed on screens behind him, from the likes of actor Johnny Depp and pop diva Lady Gaga! So it was a multimedia performance for sure.

Yep, so Hunter Hayes has arrived.

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