It's not just a new emoji, it's a way for kids to stand up to online and social media bullies.  The "I Am A Witness" campaign created the eye-emoji to give the 'silent majority' of kids a voice online.  Sometimes it's hard for children to make a stand and speak out against bullying online, so with this campaign, "I Am A Witness" hopes that the emoji will give kids a tool to use against bullying.

The "I Am A Witness" website gives a handy guide on how to use their new emoji effectively:

Take Action
You’ve seen it: someone leaves a rude comment on someone’s page or video. Use the emoji to show it's not okay.

Show Some Love
Sometimes the best thing is to show someone you care: let them know that you’ve got their back.

Spread The Word
Now you’re ready to speak out against bullying and be a Witness. Tell your friends so that they can help too.

They even have a quiz on their website that will help you identify bullying in a variety of different situations.

The emoji is available for download on your iOS device, Android device, or on your computer.  They also have information for different resources that you can provide to people who are being seriously bullied so that they can talk to someone if they are having a hard time.


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