You know that co-worker that you have? The one who looks like death and has a fever and is probably coated in tiny, microscopic germs but still comes to work? I'm that co-worker today.

I felt the awful coming on yesterday, but it was Gaga Day (which should absolutely be a holiday) and I couldn't be sick on Gaga Day! So, I did my best to convince myself that I wasn't sick and soldiered on through the day. At about 10pm, I thought I might die, but I stayed in the studio and breathed all over the microphone and touched all of the buttons. (Don't worry, co-workers, I disinfected, so hopefully you won't get Malaria, or whatever this is).

But Wendy, there's the thing called the flu shot that you can get! It will boost your immunity against the flu!

You're right, inner voice, there is a thing called the flu shot. But, needles are awful, and I'm convinced that once I get the flu shot, I will get the flu.

So here I sit in my office, contaminating the air with every breath. Sorry, office-mates.

Did you all have the flu shot? I've heard there's a lot of stuff going around this year, has it infected your home?