We've all heard of people who get pregnant and then don't know they're with child until they're in labor. Well, a woman in England had to cancel her wedding because this is the second time it's happened to her!

Kayleigh Renwick who's only 24 years old had to cancel her wedding just days before the event because she found out she was pregnant with her second child when she went into labor.

About a year and half ago Kayleigh was rushed to the hospital and gave birth to a baby girl without knowing she was pregnant. The girl was born about 5 weeks past her 9 month growth stage according to doctors.

Now, their baby boy was born around 9 months. However, Kayleigh and company arrived at the hospital only 12 minutes before he was born.

The craziest part? The couple decided a few short months ago that they felt fulfilled with one child and didn't want anymore. So, they donated all their baby supplies.