There are pros and cons to be single vs being in a relationship. And as a single 33-year-old, there are lots of things I enjoy about being on my own but there are times when being single hits you in the face so hard that you wish you had someone around. On today's Christine-ology, I broke down just a few of the struggles that us single people experience.

It all started with a jar of salsa that I couldn’t open. It was the strongest jar top I’ve ever encountered. I tried to open it with a jar gripper, let it sit under hot water, and even resorted to a knife at one point. But nothing worked.

As a strong and independent person, I’ve never felt weaker. And, suddenly, the feeling that I was alone and had no one around to ask for help sank in.

This is just ONE of the struggles of singlehood, especially as a female.

Every day I pray that I don't suddenly notice, from the corner of my eye, something icky and with lots of legs crawling really fast.  You thought going to bed alone every night was the worst? Think again. Other than a creepy guy, the last thing a single woman wants is a creepy crawler in her bed.

Even as a foodie I have to force myself to cook on a weekly basis because it's boring when it's a table set for only one. Just kidding. What table? I plop on the couch and the characters on the TV screen are my company.

Eating alone also means leftovers for the next three or four days, which gets old. Literally. Chances are, you'll forget and throw it out a week later because you don't have a hungry boyfriend around to be your garbage disposal.

Speaking of which, how do you get all that food-that-will-eventually-be-trash up to your apartment?! Not easily. Being single and living alone means having to develop super strength that helps you carry all of your groceries into your home, at once. Anything to avoid multiple trips. The risk of cutting off my blood circulation is greater than the risk of love.

And I can’t forget to mention waking up to a tickle on your face or pressure on your chest. No, it’s not the man of my dreams. It’s my cat staring into my soul way too early in the morning.

Even with all of these single struggles I still feel like a strong woman who can conquer the world… until I come across another jar I can’t open.

Don't even get me started on the fear of choking on a piece of food and nobody being there to help you out. But that's a topic all on its own LOL. My fellow singles, what's your singlehood struggle?

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