From Motorcylces to Cars, it's rare to find a stunt driver as incredible as the iconic Travis Pastrana

Tell me you can watch at least 30 seconds of this without getting insanely hyped up.

Travis isn't just great behind the wheel, but he also got a lot of his notority flying through the air on a motocross bike.

I've been following Travis for years, since his days of his early days of winning gold medals in the X games for his incredible car stunts. And since his joining of the Hoonigan brand a few years ago, he's living his biggest (and most stunt filled) life yet.

While, you may never have the chance to sit in the passenger seat during one of his stunt runs, you can say hi to him while he's visiting West Michigan next weekend.

NASCAR Cup Series 65th Annual Daytona 500
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On Friday, June 28th he'll be joining Jon Daly's Good Boy Vodka for a meet and greet in Grand Rapids. Travis is intoducing his own flavor, Citris Circus, which is play off his time spent riding for Nitro Circus.

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You can stop by the Total Wine & More on 28th street from 11a to 1pm for your chance to say hi, and get a sip of his new drink. Citrus and vodka go hand in hand, and I'm already a fan of Good Boy since they raise money to help animal shelters and charities across America.

So, you can catch me there trying to beg Travis to do some donuts in my car in the parking lot. This event is exclusively for individuals 21+, sorry tiny fans.

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