At a movie store in Coats, North Carolina, Christie Ross says that she is fed up with customers who do not pay their late fees or return videos and games. Yes, I had the same thought as you at first... Who still even rents movies the old fashioned way by going to the movie store?

Anyways, she decided to install a large white board at the store with all the names of the people who screwed her over to the tune of about $26,000. She says that is roughly the amount of money about 300 people owe for their late fees and stolen items. She has even taken pictures of the board to post on Facebook as well. Now it is officially humiliating!

Ross says, "It's hard to replace an $80 video game if the first time you rented it, they don't bring it back. It probably is harsh, but the way I look at it is – a lot of these people have cussed us. They have told us, 'Who cares about late fees?'" But her master plan seems to be working, as many have paid their fines have been paid off.

WRAL News reports that Ross made sure she checked with her lawyers before executing the plan, and claims it's all legal because renters sign a contract when opening their accounts. That's good, because I'm sure someone would sue the owner for trying to get the money/movies/games they stole.