Let's forget all about everything that is going on in the world for today's Text Question of the Day and find out our spirit animals!

If you could change into any animal you want, what would it be and why?

  • My dog!! No worries at all! Look at her....living her best life!
  • I’d turn into my hedgehog. She sleeps all day and has the ambition and energy to run 5-6 miles a night on her wheel. Then she has a big ol snack and splashes in her water before going back to sleep for another 14-16 hours. (No hedgehog was harmed in this photo, but she did regret getting curious about that hole in the hat.)
  • Otter. They have a lucky rock, they hold hands when they sleep, they are friggin ADORABLE and play goofy as games that most animals don't play.
  • A sloth. They have the cutest faces. So when I go antiquing my husband cannot complain at how long I am taking. Lol
  • A sloth. For some reason I've always liked seeing the sloths at the zoo. Also, they move slow and like to be social isolated ( like we are supposed to be these days). It is also found in tropical rainforest. A very cute animal indeed 😍.
  • A dog because I’d get a back rub every single day.
  • A lion, but a cuddly one. Basically a big cuddly kitty but a lion so I would be Queen if the forest...cause u would be a girl lion. 😜
  • Something that could fly and lives in the mountains, like an eagle or a hawk.
  • Dolphin. Protected in your pod, play games, poke things with your nose, make friends with other species when you get bored. Yup.
  • A cat... They have the life.. Sleep all day.. During a quarantine they just move from bed to bed.. Depending on who is napping. They smack ya if they're mad. Take a crap with you staring at them. They don't care. Just feed them.
  • A cat! And why not? I mean just look at them!!! 💕
  • Duck because I love yo swim and I could fly anywhere there is water!
  • A bird they can can go just about any place.If you make them mad they can poo on you.
  • A Fox, they are beautiful and mischievous
  • A koala. Cute, cuddly, but fierce and vicious. Just like me!
  • Penguin..... swim fast, smart, love the cold (I hate it), and very distinguished looking in that male tuxedo. ;) 
  • So I would have to say that given the current circumstances, I would have to be:
  • A “Virophage”... which are known as virus eaters, attack other viruses.
  • Text question of the day: I'd like to be a dog Specifically one that lived in our house because they are spoiled with a capital S! My spot in bed wasn't even cold before my boyfriends dog jumped up and curled up right against my pillow!
  • TQOTD: well dogs have long tongues and can reach pretty much  all areas of their body, soooo... it's pretty much a gimme
  • I would be a Maltese tiger. It's rare, beautiful, and can be really friendly. However, can be fierce and protective as well.
  • an elephant because they never forget anything.
  • ? Of da day...... I want to b a Cardinal. Then I'll be a beautiful bird, and I can shit on the peoples head I don't like.
  • I'd become a White Buffalo.
  • I’d be a tiger so I could kill carol baskin😂😂😂
  • SWB:  Idk what I’d want to be but I feel like a blowfish 😂😂
  • Caterpillar. Eat non-stop until I become super fat and then turn into a beautiful butterfly and fly anywhere I want.