So we’ve all been adjusting to our new normal as we move along because it’s been happening to us, as our world and life move on.

Now imagine if you just spent the last seven months in space and you’re about to return to earth that has dramatically changed that’s what’s happening to Andrew Morgan and Jessica Meir as they return back to earth after spending seven months in the international space station. Fox 17 says the two have been keeping on top of the news, but still aren’t quite sure what to expect when they get back.  especially since Andrew is an emergency physician.

It would be tough after being in a confined spot for 7 months, to not really be able to still go anywhere. Although just walking around the house would probably be more comfortable than still being in space.

Jessica Meir said in the Fox 17 story that she’s thinking not being able to but family and friends will be the hardest adjustment after being gone so long in space.

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