Strange times as a social media platform shuts it doors. Vine is going away, which is a shame because we're going to lose out on great videos like these 10 awesome vines about events and places around Grand Rapids.

Blue Bridge


Grand Rapids Griffins

West Michigan Whitecaps

Paul McCartney Concert at Van Andel Arena

4th of July Fireworks

Swing Dancing in Downtown

Skating at Rosa Parks

Lake Michigan

Grand Rapids Museum

I guess people just have too many apps to use now a days ... Maybe Instagram's 'Stories' was the nail in the vine coffin? Or maybe it was the fact Snapchat has a bunch of silly filters, or everybody and their literal mother is on Facebook, I'm still not convinced that any actual people use Twitter, I only see brands advertising to other brands.

Full disclosure I never used Vine other than a quick download back when it came out to figure it out, and then again to make this post. Then, I'm doing really good if I log on to twitter and see what's going on. Snapchat, I'll only use if my wife is having a bad day, I'll make a funny filter picture to make her smile. But that's rare too.

Ah well. I guess it was a good run?

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