This is Jim Engle. He's the Chief Operating Officer at Bavarian Inn Lodge in Frankenmuth, Michigan. He made a TikTok and he's adorable! He's gives us an inside tour of Bavarian Inn Lodge in Frankenmuth.

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With his daughter behind the camera, the video begins with a campy introduction. She asks if he'll show all of us what it's like to have his job. Jim Engle then proceeds to show us around the many pools available at the Inn. 4 pools and water slides. He plays it off that it's part of his job to swim in these pools every day. He's checking for quality assurance?

@engelmuth Do YOU want my job? #frankenmuth#michigan#bavarianinnlodge♬ original sound - Jim Engel
After the pool tour, he explains that he HAS to play video games everyday. He proceeds to whack a mole! 
After the arcade, Engle shows off an oven baked pizza as he assures us that he HAS to eat that everyday.
Next, we see Jim try his swing at putt-putt. Was that a hole in one?
Engle then checks the quality of the beds by taking a nap.
Before clocking out for the day, Engle invites us to follow him for something new the next day. 
It's clearly a cute ploy for tourism, but we'll allow it. 
"Nestled on the banks of the beautiful Cass River, the Lodge is a world-class getaway destination for families and couples. Unique in theme, experience a trip to “Little Bavaria” right here in Mid-Michigan!"
"Enjoy seven acres of family fun at the Bavarian Inn Lodge – including four indoor pools, two water slides and a massive gaming area! Or, reserve your spot for the unique experience of Pretzel Rolling at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant!
Their Open House is Friday, November 5 followed by "Beers and Beards".

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