This is a difficult, stressful time for everyone. How are you doing? What has been your experience during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Ingalls Pictures, a Grand Rapids video production company, has released a video tribute to show resilience and caring during this unique time.

Distance Brings Us Together” captures the emotions and intimacy - and hope - of life in quarantine in Grand Rapids.

Maybe you'll recognize some of what you've been experiencing through the voices and images of those in this video. Maybe it will make you feel less alone.

Creative Director Ned Ingalls says,

“Within days, everyone’s life story changed. We wanted to capture the range of emotion, the unseen interactions in every home and hospital... An early morning fog accentuated the feeling of isolation. Then the sun came out. We wanted the video to remind people to have hope, that we’ll come out of this stronger than ever.”

Signs of Hope Around West Michigan

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