Every year over a 100 million viewers tune in for the Super Bowl and which companies battled for commercial viewership during this highly anticipated event. Here are three ads that were received well in terms of humor.

Tide has been in the public eye over the controversial 'Tide Pod Challenge'. However, their use of David Harbour in this ad makes you forget that their products were used in a dangerous manner. In this minute ad, David Harbour appears in a series of mock ads that usually appear during the Super Bowl such as cars, beer, and intelligent personal assistant devices for homes.

After each 'ad' that teases a different product, David Harbour appears and says, "It's a Tide ad". How could it not be? Look at how stain-free everyone's shirts are!

Speaking of intelligent personal assistant devices, Alexa by Amazon lost her voice in this ad and Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, appears with his team to figure out who can fill in her place. Celebrities such as Gordon Ramsey, Cardi B, Rebel Wilson, and Sir Anthony Hopkins all try a shot and their comments to the users of Alexa are hilarious.

Doritos and Mountain Dew battle against each other in lip sync style. Peter Dinklage represents Doritos and is lip-syncing Busta Rhyme's "Look At Me Now" and Morgan Freeman, acting as Mountain Dew's spokesman, is lip-syncing Missy Elliott's "Get Your Freak On". This duo is entertaining to watch compete over who is the winner.

What were your favorite Super Bowl ads?


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