Facebook has already taken over the world, but could this be a good thing for the small business owners? Facebook yard sale groups have been popping up left and right. The yard sales allow users to not only look at items from people in their city, but sell their items without having to mail them like an eBay. Gone are the days of having to set up tables and sit in the hot sun all day only to see a couple people visit your sale. Say hello to the technology and convenience of the Internet.

In addition to these yard sales springing up, many small businesses and work-from-home moms are gravitating towards selling on Facebook versus opening a physical shop. Without a venue like Facebook, none of this would be possible. My fiance loves the online auctions, and flash sales from baby boutiques on Facebook. Busy parents can sit at home and view pictures of the items they want versus having to actually drag a toddler through a clothing store. Prices are extremely lower than a physical boutique shop because vendors do not have to pay for a physical location.

Photo: Getty Images