GOOD NEWS!! Soon Shipt will start delivering alcohol with your groceries from Meijer!

Here’s the deal though, it’s not been announced officially. I have a friend that works with the company and the other day, she got a notification about the new service and need for certification.

Rob Sparks/TSM
Rob Sparks/TSM


A lot of that was blah, blah, blah, but the part that I got excited for was:

We are launching Alcohol Delivery for your area in just a few weeks!

Yes, there will be a fee for the delivery, (a friend of my friend who delivers in Florida for Shipt, says it's usually around a $7 delivery charge for the alcohol,) but still... now a lazy Sunday can truly be a lazy Sunday with a frozen pizza, some guacamole, and beer (or wine) delivered.  Life made!

Shipt started delivering groceries in Grand Rapids from Meijer on March 29th.  You order on the app and usually, within an hour, you have your groceries.  They deliver 24-hours if your home Meijer store is open 24 hours. It does require a monthly or yearly membership.

Get more info on Shipt here

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