Starbucks has recently given its holiday cup a face lift. This redesign has people outraged and questioning Starbucks' intentions for the change.

The Vice President of design says the new design takes on a more minimalist approach:

It's meant to embrace the simplicity and quietness of the Holiday season.

Some people aren't buying into the Vice President's claim for some reason and are even boycotting Starbucks in general. They say it's for religious reasons. The new cups do not have any ornaments, snowflakes or any holiday themes like the previous years have had. There is one thing they're missing. ITS RED GREEN.

Despite people's bitter attitudes towards the new design, some clever folks have found a way around it. When ordering their drink they simply tell the barista their name is "Merry Christmas" therefor forcing Starbucks to express a more upfront holiday theme to the cup.

Check out the link below to see the new Holiday cup: