By now I'm sure you have seen the new music by Maroon 5 for their new single "Sugar"

If not the whole idea for the video is that Adam Levine wanted to travel around LA and "hit every wedding we possibly can," and become surprise guest performers.

The band has explained in interviews how the stunts played out. "Only the grooms knew in each case," they told Entertainment Tonight. "

In another interview, also with ET, Levine added, "It felt good to surprise these people and make them happy. [We were] happy that they liked our band too."

After watching the video below it seemed as if they pulled it off:

Cute video right? Well it turns out it might have been faked... Thanks to the internet who did some dissecting of the music video, it appears that some of the brides and grooms we have seen before. say it ain't so

Check out the rest of the story below and see what you think: