I'm originally from the south, and fair food is a religion for us. Every year the state fair in my home state of Kentucky tries to outdo itself with more and more ridiculous creations. From donut burgers and things on a stick, to deep fried kool-aid, if it's bad for you- they probably make the best version of it.

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I always believed that Fair Food was a universally loved thing, but it turns out- Michiganders aren't a huge fan. In honor of today's holiday (National State Fair Food Day), National Day shared some data they found on states that love fair food, and it turns out- Michigan could give it a hard pass.

We rank #41 in the US for love of fair food, meaning that we just aren't a fan- or would rather skip it altogether. So, if you're a fan of corn dogs, elephant ears and all things fried, you may be in the minority in your life.
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It's also kind of crazy that Michigan falls so low on the list when it comes to loving fair foods, since the second state fair started right here in Michigan, in Detroit in back in 1849. Although, it only ran annually through 2009, so maybe we fell out of love with fairs? (Although, it's still happening today- so maybe we can get that love back?)

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Either way- if you're a lover of that incredibly unique and fun fried food, you won't have to wait in long lines this year when you visit your local fairgrounds.

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