Check out the shenanigans from Producer Amanda's last day with us.

Today is quite bittersweet for me. In one way I'm super excited to be going home to start a new job closer to my friends and family. However, leaving Grand Rapids was a hard decision to make. Of course, I LOVE Connie and Curtis, that will never change. I'll be listening in on RadioPup every single morning!

I've been getting asked a lot of questions about leaving so here's the Readers Digest version...

I got a new job in Wisconsin, where I'm from, and it's not in the radio biz. Mike is going to remain living here because he LOVES his current job! As for our pup, Emmie, we're going to try and share her as best as we can. If it's not working out for one or the other of us then we'll let the other one keep her most of the time.

Naturally, my last day couldn't be complete without two of our favorite things....







Thanks so much for the memories!!