Finding someone that you can vibe with, falling in love, and having an elaborate wedding is only one part of the fantasy of being married. It's something that many of us are taught to dream of and something that is imagined for days on end until it comes true. For some people, they find the joy of marriage in an unorthodox way, and that's fine too as there is no right way to do things, but it is the ultimate goal.

Some people are very okay with being alone for most of, if not all of their life. They feel like they have less responsibilities and commitments but a lot of them feel lonely at times. Whether you choose to have a long-term monogamous relationship, have a small wedding, or a larger-than-life wedding, there are some things you should know. Marriage is something that is sacred and the state of Michigan feel strongly about this topic. Common law marriage is something that is thrown around quite often but may not be the route that one should take.

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In the state of Michigan and many other states common law marriage is a grey area. Common Law Marriage is the idea that living together long enough, having children, or having shared assets can legally bound you to your partner, which in some states this is the case. In other states, they are allowing this to fly, but there are some interesting guidelines surrounding the bond here in Michigan.

Michigan is one of the 35 states that don't recognize Common Law Marriage but that does leave 15 states that will acknowledge the bond legally. Michigan is one of the states that will acknowledge your common law marriage if it was made within a state that allows for the bond to be official.

I'm not sure why anyone would want to be figuratively married to anyone instead of legally but some of the benefits that have been listed from common law marriages in states like Texas which allow them are:

  • legal recognition of your relationship
  • property division rights
  • inheritance rights
  • potential alimony should the couple separate
  • power of attorney for medical decisions

Could you be married to someone under the common law marriage, or would you need to have a legit wedding?

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