Yes, we have freedom here in America but that does not come with a lack of responsibility. There are not only a number of societal rules and norms that are expected to be followed but also the hundreds of laws that have been signed by both state and national governments. Breaking societal norms just makes you different and subject to criticism but breaking those federal or state laws could come with much larger consequences.

Believe it or not, some crimes are worse than others and that is the only distinction between misdemeanors and felonies, but both can result in time behind bars. Most of us spend our lives trying not to speed, get a parking ticket, or get in fight, while others are living a life where the consequences have much higher stakes. Sometimes hard times cause people to make the worst decisions, and this is often where felonies come from. Most people aren't able to stay on the run long enough to rack up felonies but this Ohio women has been running for long time and has a grocery list of charges against her.

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We've all heard the term desperate times call for desperate measures, well, I believe that rings true and often times gets many people into situations where they commit felonies. This women in Ohio may have taken things to another level as I don't think I've ever seen anyone with an alleged rap sheet like hers. I mean mobsters and other criminals will rack up charges, but they aren't touching this Ohio women.

@_haveyouseenthis_ 600 Warrants 1 Person #busted #unbelievable #fyp #tiktok #policeofficer #news #warrant ♬ original sound - HaveYouSeenThis!

In the TikTok above the entire situation is explained as the alleged women was brought in on over 600 warrants for over 300 felony charges. Columbus police were able to arraign the women, Ahyoka Keith aka Carol Ann Sumner, and bring her into the station. Her charges when printed out make up 22 pages of printer paper and the warrants are mostly from Pennsylvania.

She is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a relative and dozens of other criminal charges she's picked up along the way. On top of the 322 felonies she is also wanted for 327 misdemeanors, which makes the 649 warrants that she is wanted for. Some of the charges include but are not limited to:

  • identity theft
  • financial exploitation
  • criminal use of a communication facility
  • and more.

The over the road truck driver has ties all across the country, awarded from her time driving rigs all across America. As of right now she is behind bars and awaiting her trial to see if she will be found guilty or not. I honestly think she was the most wanted person in Ohio/Pennsylvania before she was caught.

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