Beyonce's Renaissance Tour may have had loads of acclaim from fans and critics, however, there is one person that is not thrilled with it.

Japanese designer Hajime Sorayama shared a post to his Instagram account on Dec. 11, where he claimed that Beyonce did not ask his permission for allegedly using his design as part of her tour visuals.

"Yo @beyonce  You should have asked me ‘officially’ so that I could make much better work for you as like my man @theweeknd ✊," he captioned the post.

The post itself included five pictures that compared some of his art to some of the costumes worn on the tour.

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The main costume called into question is where Beyonce is wearing a an alien-like headpiece that has pointy parts coming out by the ears.

People in the comments section were quick to defend Beyonce with many of them referencing the movie Metropolis from 1927.

"Pretty sure the movie Metropolis was the first to do it…" someone said.

"Metropolis Film was Public Domain in 2023! Everyone can use the female robot as inspiration. Full stop!" another user shared.

"She did a performance wayy back in like 2007 with the same robot plz," one person commented.

Beyonce has not responded to the claims as of now, and Sorayama has not shared if he intends to take any legal action.

Beyonce's Renaissance Tour grossed $579 million and ran for a total of 56 stops, according to Forbes. In total, she performed for 2.7 million fans across 39 cities around the world.

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