A man on Reddit says he and his daughter are in a disagreement about whether or not she should be able to wear her late mother's bridal gown at her upcoming wedding.

"My late wife was a very small person, when we got married she was only 115 pounds. So her wedding dress size reflects that. She passed away two years ago so she will not attend our daughter's wedding, which will be in 2025," he wrote.

"Now my daughter wants to wear the dress and I told her it wouldn’t be a good idea since she won’t be able to squeeze into it. She told me she can just up the size of it and I told her I would think about it. I looked into it and they basically cut the dress up to size it up," the confused dad continued on Reddit.

Ultimately, the man told his daughter that she can't wear her mother's dress because it would require "cutting it up."

"This resulted in a huge argument about me gatekeeping my wife’s things. I told her no again, and that she can wear some of her jewelry. She hung up. She clearly thinks I am a jerk and my sons are now on me to give up the dress," he concluded.

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Users in the comments section encouraged the man to make amends with his daughter and be open to her wish to wear her mother's dress.

"WHY do you want to keep the dress? Is it a piece of your wife you’re not ready to let go of yet? Does cutting it up feel like you’re cutting up a memory or a keepsake? This is obviously not about the dress itself or how your wife 'would' have felt about it, but about YOU feel about it. Which is OK, but don’t forget, you have some time to process this. You may find yourself okay with it after more time has passed. Or not. It’s okay to be honest about your reasons for declining but leave the door open to your stance changing later," one person wrote.

"Honestly, as a woman, I feel like this is an OK line to draw but be honest with your daughter. Your wife, who is now gone, wore the dress in its current state on the day she married YOU and it’s precious to you in the state it is currently in, not altered. That’s OK. If your daughter responds that she is also her mother, that’s OK. You both lost a huge part of your world the day you lost her. You have offered your daughter to wear the jewelry which will not need to be altered for her to wear and she can still wear a piece of her mother on her special day without altering your piece. Compassion works two ways and you can express that to her without putting her down or making her weight part of the problem," another chimed in.

"What an incredible opportunity for bonding and growth in this family, if they just sit down and open up to each other," someone else commented.

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