JoJo Siwa is facing criticism online after working with disgraced YouTuber Shane Dawson.

On Sunday (June 11), Dawson posted photos of the two posing together on Instagram, along with the announcement that a new video featuring Siwa was available on his YouTube channel.

"I feel like this is what it's like coming home after college!" Siwa shouts in the video, which is titled, "Rating YouTuber Brands and Products! BRUTALLY HONEST with JOJO SIWA!!!"

"I'm home," she exclaims as she runs to hug Dawson in the footage.

On social media, Siwa was slammed for working with Dawson, who was effectively canceled by the internet in 2020 after several disturbing allegations surfaced, including accusations that he sexually assaulted his cat.

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"JoJo Siwa went from everyone disliking her for no reason to creating multiple reasons for people to dislike her," one person tweeted.

"I’m sorry I can’t believe anyone is surprised at JoJo Siwa being a weirdo & hanging [with] Shane & James [Charles]," another person wrote on Twitter.

"JoJo Siwa has been acting weirder and weirder, from faking pregnancies to being exposed for treating her ex like s--t and now this. These YouTubers all need to be de-platformed FFS," someone else complained.

Another Twitter user else wondered by Siwa is "single-handedly ruining her own career" by collaborating with Dawson and other reportedly problematic creators, such as former beauty influencer James Charles and family vlogger Colleen Ballinger.

Charles was accused of predatory behavior toward a minor, while Ballinger is facing backlash for allegedly "grooming" an underage fan of her YouTube character, Miranda Sings.

"JoJo Siwa hanging out with James Charles and Shane Dawson in 2023 was not something I was expecting," one person wrote on Twitter.

"Is she wanting to be next?" another fan tweeted, referring to Siwa's potential cancellation.

JoJo Siwa has not responded to the criticism as of publishing.

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