Family vloggers the LaBrant Family are going viral for their 10-year-old daughter's new song all about Taylor Swift.

Everleigh Rose's music video for "Like Taylor Swift" was posted to YouTube on Sept. 4. Since then, the song has gone viral across social media — especially on TikTok, where a clip of the song's bridge exclusively featuring Taylor Swift song titles has blown up.

The lyrical bridge to Everleigh's song is a laundry list of Swift's greatest hits, as she sings:

Like a love story / Like a dear John / Like a bad blood and kind of like our song / Like I knew you were trouble, you belong with me / Are you ready for it? / Are you 22? Made you shake it off or look at what you made me do / Never grow up, never find a lover / Sparks fly, fifteen, can I get a cruel summer?

"My 10-year-old daughter wrote this song and now we can't stop singing it," dad Cole LaBrant captioned one TikTok video of Everleigh lip-syncing to her song.

"When your [10-year-old] daughter writes the best song you've ever heard," he captioned yet another clip of the song.

TikTok users, however, didn't quite agree with Cole's sentiment.

"I just wanna know why all the lyrics of this song are Taylor swift song titles/her lyrics. I mean getting inspiration is one thing, this isn't that," one viewer commented.

"WHAT DOES LIKE A DEAR JOHN MEAN," someone else questioned.

"I THINK IVE SEEN THIS FILM BEFORE...and I didn't like the ending," another user joked.

"I wasn’t enchanted to hear this," one person quipped.

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"Her voice sounds so natural and definitely has no autotune at all," someone else sarcastically commented, while another user drew a comparison between "Like Taylor Swift" and Rebecca Black's viral breakout, which was similarly lampooned upon its release in 2011: "This feels a lot like 'Friday' by Rebecca Black."

Watch Everleigh Rose's "Like Taylor Swift" Music Video:

The negative reactions to the song prompted former child star JoJo Siwa to show Everleigh her support.

"As the now 20-year-old who once was the 10-year-old growing up in front of the internet, I wanna say to anyone that's been saying negative things about this song or Everleigh herself, lose your ego and grow up," Siwa wrote in the caption of a video of herself singing along to "Like Taylor Swift."

"Bullying isn't cool, it’s not funny, and it’s not trendy, ever… especially when it’s directed at a 10-year-old and her first song by people much older than her. Some even adults. If you’ve posted something knocking this, you should be embarrassed," she continued.

"Everleigh is one of the kindest and hardest-working kids I’ve ever had [the] joy of getting to be around and she absolutely deserves all the love [and] success she has," Siwa concluded.

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