A woman on Reddit was devastated after her boyfriend of nearly seven years abruptly left her, "moved hundreds of miles away" and refused to talk to her.

However, after a month, he reached out to her and claimed that he "simply panicked and ran away."

"Apparently I was asking too many questions about the future: if he ever wanted to get married, what he thought about children, etc. I also pushed him a lot to finally finish his degree and get a job (his main source of income are still his parents). He said he just couldn't handle it and saw his life as being over and needed to get away from it all," she wrote.

One of the man's friends also convinced him that he was "wasting his twenties on just one girl."

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"That same friend apparently also got him a job which is why he moved away hundreds of miles. That job didn't work out and he got fired after a few weeks. I guess that's why he is back now. I asked him why he didn't at least talk to me and how hurt and worried I was. He said that he 'didn't want to make me cry' and that 'he didn't really want to break up.' He wanted to prove that he could succeed at that job and then come back to me," she recalled.

"He basically promised me heaven on earth if we got back together. Breakfast in bed every morning, he'd do all the chores, what have you. He also swore that there was nobody else, that he slept with nobody else. In the end he asked if he could stay because he hasn't been paid from that job and used all his money and has nowhere else to go. His parents live too far away and he is on bad terms with that friend who got him the job," the woman continued.

She told her boyfriend that she needed time to "process and think about everything," and agreed to store some boxes for him while she decided if he could move in with her.

"So, that's where I'm at now. Sitting alone in my apartment with his boxes. One of them smells really bad, like moldy clothes. Maybe I'll wash those tomorrow for him at least. Now I need to think about what to do with all of this, what to do with myself. Part of me still loves him," she concluded.

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User in the comments section urged the woman to consider not getting back with him.

"If the job worked out he wouldn’t have come back," one person wrote.

"If you take him back, what are you going to do if/when he runs away again when things get too real for him? How can you trust him to not leave you at the altar or leave you alone in the hospital with a newborn? What happens if you get sick or injured? Where will he be when things get hard with your potential future children? When things get rocky in your relationship?" another person commented.

"He needs someone to take care of him and you’re his last resort. Think about that. He isn’t coming back to you, he’s coming back to food, shelter, clean clothes, etc. It is not you he wants, it’s the comfort and stability you are able to provide him," someone else chimed in.

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