Look, it's always uncomfortable anytime a dog points its snoot toward your crotch and takes a whiff.

For the dog, however, it's the exact opposite. He is just trying to get comfortable with the human who just entered his space.

It's all his space (yes, the entire house) after all.

Why Dogs Sniff Crotches

Reader's Digest spoke with experts who all said the same thing: It's just a dog being a dog. More specifically, it's a dog trying to use its nose to better understand the surrounding environment.

"Simply put, it's the most accessible location for a dog," Reader's Digest says. "They detect pheromones, which are chemical signals produced by apocrine (sweat) glands located primarily in the groin and armpits or humans."

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Dogs have what is known as the "Jacobson's organ." It is located in the roof of their mouths and used to gather all sorts of information from unfamiliar humans including mood, health issues, sex and even age in some cases.

The Reader's Digest report explained organ as one that has ducts that connect to the nose and mouth to create a super-powered sense of sniffing.

"Dogs have up to 300 million scent sensors in their noses, compared to humans, who only have 6 million," the American Kennel Club says on its website.

While the encounter might be perfectly fine for the dog, you don't have to sit there while he sniffs away at their lower half.

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Best Ways To Stop A Dog From Sniffing Crotches

You can totally diffuse the sniff fest without being a total jerk about it while visiting a dog owner's home.

The American Kennel Club recommends turning the dogs attention to something else before its nose is directed between someone's legs.

Anticipation is key with this technique. Something as quick and simple as a hand or fist can give the dog everything it needs to understand its surroundings.

"With a fist, the dog can still gather information on the new human without getting up close and very personal," the American Kennel Club explains on its website. "You can also train your dog to sit when someone new enters the house."

woman looking at clothes destroyed by dog
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Why Your Dog Is Stealing Your Dirty Underwear

A dog's curiosity when it comes to scents can bring out some of their worst behavior when they are surrounded by dirty laundry, especially underwear.

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The American Kennel Club says the dog is trying to better understand its owner through the scent left behind on the fabric, much like how they explore through crotch sniffing.

There's also a good reason your dog may chew or lick the underwear. The club reports dogs tend to use these methods to release more smell from the garment.

You might not be able to smell it, but they're certainly getting a nose-full.

Maybe you should just get your furry friend a few toys the next time you're out. He's just being a very good boy (at least in his mind he is).

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