Looking for nonalcoholic beverage options? A Grand Rapids brewery has a new one!

Coming in at 0.0% ABV, "Hungry & Sober” is Founders Brewing Co.'s first nonalcoholic hop water.

The new beverage is a collaboration with The Bootstrap Boys, a Grand Rapids, Mich. four-piece band. "Hungry & Sober" is the title of their new album, which came out April 28, 2023.

Founders shares on their website,

The plan was to brew up something special with our longtime friends and coworkers, The Bootstrap Boys, to celebrate the release of their new album. When we considered the name of the album, 'Hungry and Sober', brewing our first Hop Water seemed like the right direction. No calories, no alcohol. Just pure refreshing hop flavor and aroma, delivered via an amazing blend of our finest Cryo hops.

Founders Brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki tells Fox 17,

Basically, it’s a light, refreshing, almost like sparkling water flavored with hops. So, hops in beer do a couple different things. We use it for bittering, of course, but that’s not really appropriate in this hop water, right? Because there’s no sweetness to balance, it’s just water. But the other thing that hops do is they offer flavor and aroma...

There’s people who want to drink less and people who don’t want to drink at all. There’s people that just, you know, they want to be refreshed, and I think this hop water is especially refreshing as far as that goes.

You get get "Hungry & Sober" on tap at Founders Grand Rapids taproom at 235 Cesar E Chavez Ave.

It's currently on special for $3 a pint.

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