I have personally been a fan of Wendy's for a very long time. I've been a huge fan of the 4 for $4, and my sister and I have made that our place to go if we're bored and just want to munch on something. However, lately, Wendy's has been making some moves that have been rather upsetting. First, they abolished the 4 for $4, making it a 4 for $5, which then got raised to $6. Not worth it.


Now, they've made an even more polarizing move that is sure to create waves.


Wendy's Sells Major Stake In Arby's To Private Equity Group
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Wendy's Introduces 'Surge Pricing'

If you've used Uber or Lyft after a concert or a busy time of night, you've probably already witnessed this concept of "surge pricing" in action. Essentially, surge pricing is where a place will increase the cost of something when it is in higher demand. For Lyft and Uber, if lots of people start requesting rides at the same time, then they may raise the cost of a ride.


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Wendy's Sells Major Stake In Arby's To Private Equity Group
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Wendy's announced in a recent investor's call they will begin experimenting with a concept they call "dynamic pricing" at 6,000 locations around the US. The experiment will reportedly work like this:


...the price of that particular item could go up by as much as $1 during peak lunch and dinner hours and have the increase reflected in the digital menus the company will use to constantly update the exact cost.


So yeah, Wendy's is also planning to introduce new digital menus that would allow them to change menu prices on the fly. This move is insanely disappointing considering Wendy's has always marketed itself as the people's choice with its "never frozen beef" and its stellar Twitter usage. This greedy move is very anti-consumer and hopefully, it doesn't make it out of the experimental stage.


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