We've all been there: you buy something and you either have instant buyer's remorse and return it, or it broke before you could use it. Then there are the people among us who have returned something because they just didn't want it anymore. If you're one of those people, you may be excited to learn about Costco's wonderful return policy.

Front of a Costco Warehouse
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This Woman's Daring Return

Costco has recently made the news after a woman returned an entire couch after owning it for over two years with no receipt. Yes, two years. I experience anxiety returning something after a few days when I have a receipt, meanwhile, this woman had the gumption to load the entire couch onto a truck and drive it to her nearest Costco.

Now, I hear you asking, Tommy, what could have been wrong with the couch that warranted a return after two whole years? According to Jackie Nguyen who detailed her journey to return the couch on her TikTok account, the reason she returned the couch was just as crazy as actually returning it at all: she didn't like the color anymore.


"She asked if there was anything wrong with it or if I just didn't like it anymore...and I said we just didn't like the color anymore, and they gave us our full refund."


A bold move that even she admitted was "very intimidating", but it worked out for her in the end as she got the full refund.


Costco's Return Policy

As ridiculous as this story sounds, Jackie didn't do anything wrong. In her TikTok, she says "They have an awesome return policy...buy your furniture from Costco, girl. You can return it when you don't want it anymore", and she is absolutely right. While Costco's return policy is a little open ended, nowhere in it does it say she can't return the couch in its current state.

Costco's return policy
Costco's return policy / Tommy McNeill, Townsquare Media


If you want to read more about Costco's return policy, you can here, but in the meantime, it would appear that it really does pay to be a Costco member.


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