Michigan is a state that has some interesting highways. We have the nation's only highway where no cars are allowed, M-185 on Mackinaw Island. We also have a highway with no number that circles downtown Lansing, the Capitol Loop.

Capitol Loop runs for about 2.5 miles around the state capitol. But, interestingly, the eastbound Capitol Loop is shorter than the westbound Capitol Loop. This is because of the one-way streets the Loop uses. Eastbound travels on Allegan Street while the westbound Loop uses Ottawa Street, 2 blocks north. That 2 block jaunt for westbound drivers means westbound Capitol Loop is 2.2 miles while the eastbound ride is 2.5 miles.

The Capitol Loop is not fully a loop. The highway begins and ends at Interstate 496. Eastbound Capitol Loop starts at the M-99/MLK Boulevard exit and ends at the Business Loop I-96/Cedar Street exit. Westbound makes the reverse going from the Cedar Street exit to MLK Blvd. Looking at a map of Capitol Loop, it's more of a "C" rather than a full loop.

The highway was first created in 1986, according to the Michigan Department of Transportation.

as part of a larger effort to revitalize Michigan’s Capitol city and the downtown area. It is one of several elements intended to create and enhance historic, cultural, educational, recreational and economic opportunities for visitors, businesses and residents in the Capitol Complex area.

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