The Detroit Lions are if you believe the hype, quickly becoming America's Team. Or it's a Cinderella run through the NFL playoffs. Either way, the Lions bandwagon train is getting longer and longer.

If you believe some published reports ahead of the upcoming NFC Conference Championship game versus San Fransisco 49 states are supporting the Lions with only Cali behind the 9ers. And if researchers delved deeper, perhaps that's only northern Cali given the strong divide between the populations in the northern and southern portions of the Golden State.

Regardless, the Detroit Lions have picked up fans, if only for a fleeting few weeks, but does the team want them?

Head Coach Dan Campbell is reported to have said to the team's fanbase as they closed out their successful season that the team's success is for them and not for those who have been in the Same Old Lions camp over the years

"To those fans who have kept the faith, you deserve this! To the doubters, stay off our train—it’s too late for you!”

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions
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So perhaps it's not quick bandwagoners who aren't welcome but rather those fair-weathered Michiganders who have not supported the team through the many lean years.

Or was it the beginning of the Dan Campbell era? Here's how the Detroit Line interpreted the take:

we think he's really talking about those that criticized the team when MCDC was 4-19-1. Nobody really believed then

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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Here's what some fans had to say on social:

Agree 100%
If they couldn’t be there during the worst of times, I don’t want them there during the best!
That's right! Been a fan for 46 years, through thick and thin. Never rocked any other football jersey besides the Lions every single year.
I am on the Train...have been all season
Detroit born and raised..always loved my Team...
But this year has been special...and I BELIEVE in my Lions ...
I never understood this. Been a Lions fan my whole life. But the more fans the merrier, in my opinion
Thank you coach Dan Campbell for CHANGING OUR TEAM CULTURE.
I remember telling my fellow fans early on, that at least the team was Fighting for four quarters even though we were still losing close games. He and our great general manager have turned this team around.

Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions
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So win or lose, the Lions have had more attention from the NFL world on them than ever before.

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