The Detroit Lions closed out a 2023 season many fans have been waiting a lifetime to experience. The team clinched the NFC North division title and hosted and won two playoff games at Ford Field before bowing out in the NFC conference championship to San Fransisco.

Is it too brash for the team and city to host a victory parade?

Consider the relationship between the fans and players in Buffalo. Bills Mafia shows up to greet the team plane at the airport win or lose like the Bills are the hometown high school. Perhaps Bills Mafia is just built differently, but it's likely Lions fans would turn out for a parade in downtown Detroit.

The city hosted a red-specked soiree for the Stanley Cup champion Red Wings in 2008. A parade for the Lions should not be out of the question.

Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup Victory Parade
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The concept came up on the Detroit Lions Mane Event fan group on Facebook. A fan posted what appears to be an AI generated image and that got the juices flowing in the comment section.

I think they should have a THANK YOU FOR A GREAT YEAR PARADE!!!
They deserve it, and the city would be so on this they would want to congratulate them and show how much we love them and how proud we are of them!!
If you agree flood the Detroit city county building the department that does the parades and tell them!!!

One Pride. I wish we could still have a small parade.

When is the parade??!!!!!!
They deserve it!!!

Have a parade. Celebrate progress.

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So what say you Lions fans, if the city and team threw a parade would you show out with some big Old English script-D energy?

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