Consider the flagship locations of some well known restaurants and brands that have become tourist meccas. Think the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta or what is commonly known as the Rock n Roll McDonalds in that chain's Chicago hometown.

With the Detroit area being the home of Little Caesars (and Domino's...and Hungry Howies...and Jets...have we missed any?) and the Little Caesars World Headquarters on prominent display on Detroit's "main street" of Woodward Avenue, what would a Flagship Little Caesars be like?

The idea was floated by a perhaps starry-eyed Detroit dreamer on Reddit.

But it's kind of crazy a public, highly visible flagship Little Caesars isn't downtown or anywhere(no the Garden City/Westland location doesn't count).

I think Detroit needs to move on from both cars and Motown 15 years ago, but if the rest of the country keeps associating us with it, run with it.

Many were quick to point out that the Ilitch family once ran arcade/pizza joins in the Detroit suburbs known as Caesarlands. While not common, there are a few sit-down Little Caesars in the chain.

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The closest approximation many say to an 'upscale Little Caesars' would be the Mike's Pizza Bar located inside Little Caesars Arena.

Some commenters felt the chain known largely for carry out and drive thru pizza would not lend itself to an immersive flagship restaurant experience.

Here's a perhaps perfect design for a Detroit Flagship LC:

It could be counter service. Regular menu, one or two rotating extras, bar downstairs and indoor playground upstairs (or reverse). Just nice.

Is it something we'd ever see? If anyone from Little Caesars marketing stumbles upon this article or the reddit thread on the subject? Call us, we're all it.

It's be, in the parlance of the chain, Epic! Epic!

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