The anticipation was high for the newly constructed DETROIT sign that appeared along a busy highway in Michigan's largest city. It was compared to Detroit's version of the Hollywood sign. When the construction was finally completed, the judgment from the internet was swift and harsh - the sign was not a hit.

Someone who could be considered the conscience of Detroit, rapper G'MAC Cash, has an uncanny ability to very quickly turnaround a track and video on whatever is trending in Southeast Michigan. He dropped a new release called 'Man This Ain't the Sign We Ordered.'

The song (with more than a little NSFW language ahead) wonders how much the city paid for the sign which bears little resemblance to the iconic Hollywood sign.

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Diss track for a sign is crazy

Detroit got dun DIRTY with them refrigerator magnets!

The sign been real quiet since this track dropped.

cement ain’t even cured before man’s came out with the vid

And that last comment is what it's all about. It was, what, less than 48 hours and he's on the scene of the new construction with a track dreamed up, recorded, filmed and edited.

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That's impressive.

G'MAC Cash had arguably his most viral track supporting governor Gretchen Whitmer with Big Gretch and the follow-up Gretch Did noting the efforts the governor made to navigate the state through the COVID crisis and her first term in the big office in Lansing.

A personal favorite from the G'MAC Cash catalogue is the (NSFW) We on the Lodge Wit It crafted after a viral video of streetracers blocking the M-10 Lodge Freeway to run a few donuts.

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