It's one of the first lessons of drivers' education - when you come upon a railroad crossing you pay very close attention. Trains can't stop quickly and they're way bigger and more powerful than any vehicle you're travelling in.

That caution around a railroad crossing would be strongly advised should you ever find yourself along the Ohio/Indiana state line just south of the Michigan border. Along that State Line Road near Hicksville, Ohio is a deceptively dangerous railroad crossing.

State Line Road Railroad Crossing Optical Illusion

Here's what's happening - the road is traveling north/south with the train going east/west. The crossbar here appears to not be protecting anything as it certainly looks like the train would pass overhead of any vehicle traffic.

And that's where the optical illusion comes in. There are actually two rail lines running here, one overhead of the roadway and the other at grade. Watch the video and see a train cross where you are likely not expecting it hidden by the overpass.

Strange Railroad Crossing Startles Railfans

The railfans who commented on the video were impressed with the rarity of this set up.

Never saw an overpass so close to a land crossing, very cool, what a perspective

Wow, without the crossing gates anyone driving through the underpass would be totally blind to the surface train…

I don't think I have ever seen two rail lines that close together at different elevations.

This is probably the strangest railroad crossing I've ever seen. I mean, not only are there 2 tracks but one of them is high up while the other is on solid ground. Sure is something you don't see every day huh?

Should you want to see this railroad oddity for yourself it's 31 miles due south of the Michigan/Indiana/Ohio tripoint. The railroad crosses State Line Road between Indiana State Road 8/Ohio Route 21 and Spencerville-Hickville Road.

There's another railroad crossing in Mid-Michigan that's quite an oddity. Near Ithaca at US 127, there's a fully functional railroad crossing with lights, bells and crossbar but no road after the roadway was removed years ago.

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Gallery Credit: Sarah Jones

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