You know, despite having a fairly popular name the year I was born (Jacob was the third-most-popular boy baby name in 1994) I very rarely see someone else with my name. Sure many Jacobs shorten their names to Jake or Jay or something similar. But it's strange how few Jacobs there seem to be.

Naturally, I perk up when I hear my name, not just because it's my name, but because it's not as common as it seems it should be.

That said, it doesn't really bother me that my name isn't popular. That's part of the reason I go by Jacob with friends and family - it's more unique that way.

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I know I'm not the only one who feels that way, but surely some folks who have common names enjoy it. Some people are used to having popular names, but things change. For better or worse, some names are becoming less popular than before. And not everyone is a fan of the names millennial parents are coming up with.

There's even a whole subreddit dedicated to these deliberately misspelled or completely made-up names to appear more unique than they actually are. It's called /r/tragedeigh, and it's a riot.

Thankfully, not everything makes it through. Believe it or not, there are names you can't name your child, even here in Michigan. Check out the bizarre names you won't have to worry with before we get to the collection of names that are losing popularity.

Illegal Names You Can't Name Your Baby in Michigan

According to Michigan state law and We Have Kids, you can't name your child any of the names listed below in the Mitten State.

Gallery Credit: Jacob Harrison

I will say, I am a bit shocked Jacob isn't on the lists below but I guess my status remains as a mildly popular name that is often altered. Maybe that's a pseudo-unique thing I can continue to hold onto.

As for the rest of these names on the lists below, you won't often see them in the wild in Michigan anymore.

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